p5-Net-FTPServer port install problems

Zachary Welch zjw3050 at ritvax.isc.rit.edu
Mon Jun 21 09:36:22 PDT 2004

Recently I've been trying to install the perl5 ftp server
(/usr/ports/ftp/p5-Net-FTPServer) with a make install clean (mic).  It gave
me a message that I needed perl 5.6.1 installed.  So I cded over to
/usr/ports/lang/perl5 and ran mic.  but when I went back to the p5-ftp it
gave me the same message.  I checked the install logs and every thing was
successful.  I even tried running a perl script to see if the interpreter
was running - its is.

I've also had another problem installing /usr/ports/editors/staroffice70 it
continuously tells me I need to download so-7-ga-bin-linuz-en.bin and run
mic again.  I've searched hi and low for this supposed file on the
sun.com/staroffice website to no avail. I tried installing
/usr/ports/lang/glibc++ per a discussion I found via google about this issue
being a glibc problem (Wasn't able to find a port for glibc, just glibc++)
I'm wondering if the problems are related??

My system is 4.10 release - cvsup synched ports and src as of Sat June 19th.
around midnight.  its running on an i386 p3 450 mhz w/256m ram. I've got a
hand full of security options in my rc.conf and a custom secure kernel but
most of the options added were related to ipfilter and ipfirewall. I can't
imagine they had anything to do with it.

If any more info is required please let me know and I'll do my best to get
it out.  thanks!!

Rochester NY

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