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Mon Jun 21 04:39:24 PDT 2004

On Mon, Jun 21, 2004 at 09:08:48AM +0200, Volker Stolz wrote:
> In local.freebsd-ports, you wrote:
> >> I've been working on a port of Freevo (, which is
> >> ``an open-source home theatre PC platform'', for a while now and
> >> hopefully within a week or two version 1.5.0 will be released.
> Lewis' submission looks more complete to me. I'd say go ahead and send-pr.
> Please fix some of the deficiencies reported by portlint before, most notably:
> 1)
> WARN: /usr/tmp/freevo/pkg-plist: Both ``%%PORTDOCS%%@dirrm %%DOCSDIR%%'' and ``%%PORTDOCS%%@unexec %D/%%DOCSDIR%% 2>/dev/null || true'' are missing.  At least one should be used.
> FATAL: Makefile: PORTVERSION looks illegal. You should modify "1.5.0rc3".

Hmm, I must admit I completely forgot to run it past portlint (although
I was aware that 1.5.0rc3 was an invalid PORTVERSION).  I wouldn't have
spotted the other WARN though, I've only used it minimally before and I
have to run with --help to figure out the extra options!  Thanks for

> 3)
> I don't understand your WITH-handling:
> .if !defined(WITH_MPLAYER)
> .endif

Well, it seemed to me that if WITH_MPLAYER=0 was specified to make then
WITH_MPLAYER was defined.  However, if no option was defined then I want
to install mplayer -- this seemed a nice way to do it at the time.  Have
I missed the plot here?

  Thanks for the info,


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