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Mon Jun 21 00:09:31 PDT 2004

In local.freebsd-ports, you wrote:
>> I've been working on a port of Freevo (, which is
>> ``an open-source home theatre PC platform'', for a while now and
>> hopefully within a week or two version 1.5.0 will be released.
>>   In addition to my Freevo port it's important you have a very recent
>> version of mmpython.  If you already have this installed, please upgrade
>> -- it includes some critical disc-specific updates, without which the
>> DVD stuff will really not work right (you'll get 4(c)!).  If you CVSuped
>> in the last couple of days you should be fine.

Please check if this could be encoded in the dependencies might
be possible to (ab)use CONFLICTS for this, but that might be over the top.

> I hope you checked the freevo port skeleton submission in the PR database.

Lewis' submission looks more complete to me. I'd say go ahead and send-pr.
Please fix some of the deficiencies reported by portlint before, most notably:

WARN: /usr/tmp/freevo/pkg-plist: Both ``%%PORTDOCS%%@dirrm %%DOCSDIR%%'' and ``%%PORTDOCS%%@unexec %D/%%DOCSDIR%% 2>/dev/null || true'' are missing.  At least one should be used.
FATAL: Makefile: PORTVERSION looks illegal. You should modify "1.5.0rc3".

Both are errors in you port.

Regarding the required user-ids, please read:

I don't understand your WITH-handling:

.if !defined(WITH_MPLAYER)
.if !defined(WITH_XINE)
WITH_XINE=      yes

Please also consider using OPTIONS.
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