Testing ports/patches on non-i386 (such as amd64)

Daniel Roethlisberger daniel at roe.ch
Sat Jun 19 21:47:00 PDT 2004

I maintain a port (mail/libspf) which currently does not compile on
amd64, and probably on some other tier 1 or 2 architectures too. I am
fairly optimistic that I will be able to cook up some patches to remedy
this; however, I have no way of actually testing these on said
architectures, as I currently do not have access to any non-i386 FreeBSD

What's the best way to handle such a situation as port maintainer?
Should I file a PR asking for a committer to test my patches? Or should
I find someone able and willing to do some testing for me through other
means, such as posting patches to this list? Or should I just go ahead
and have the untested patches committed, and wait for the bento logs to
tell me about success or failure? (I don't particularly like this one).
Any other options?


Daniel Roethlisberger <daniel at roe.ch>
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