ltmdm broken for 5.2-CURRENT any solution?

Kellers, Timothy kellers at ADM.NJIT.EDU
Sat Jun 19 16:59:07 GMT 2004

I think I'll give that I try.  The odd thing is that after the June 11 cvsup and build of 5.2-CURRENT, the ltmdm.ko kernel module paniced the system and crashed into the debugger.  I was watching cvs for an update to the driver, and I saw one on June 17th to both the Makefile and a patch-ac file, that carries instructions for OS > 5.x.
Of course, last night my FreeBSD HD started making unusal sounds and on reboot today, the BIOS only sees a 2 Gig drive where there should be a 20.  Im downloading the June 18 snapshot right now and I'm going to install on a brand new HD.
Thanks for the input, it will be kind of interesting to see if ltmdm will install on the fresh drive and OS.  I suppose perhaps there may have been some underlying hardware issues before the drive started to howl.
Thanks again,
Tim Kellers

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	On Fri, Jun 18, 2004 at 01:45:22AM -0400, T Kellers wrote:
	> FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT #1: Thu Jun 17
	> types for `sioioctl'
	> /usr/ports/comms/ltmdm/work/sys/dev/ltmdm/ltmdmsio.c:362: error: previous
	> declaration of `sioioctl'
	> /usr/ports/comms/ltmdm/work/sys/dev/ltmdm/ltmdmsio.c: In function `sioioctl':
	> /usr/ports/comms/ltmdm/work/sys/dev/ltmdm/ltmdmsio.c:2154: warning: passing
	> arg 1 of `minor' makes pointer from integer without a cast
	> *** Error code 1
	Try rolling back to an earlier date of ltmdm.  I know that cvs can
	do this, though I haven't done it in years.  If all else fails, I can
	send you a tarball.  The one on this machine is dated April 1, and I know
	that my laptop that uses it was done since that time (but currently
	is waiting to go back to ibm with a bad disk).
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