HEADS UP - master/slave ports

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Fri Jun 18 12:53:20 GMT 2004

On 18 Jun 2004 at 16:41, Sergey Matveychuk wrote:

> Dan Langille wrote:
> > I suspect you are looking at http://www.FreshPorts.org/ (production). 
> > The work described above is at http://beta.FreshPorts.org/.  I just 
> No. I've looked at http://beta.FreshPorts.org/.
> > look there, searched for ports maintained by you, found 21 such 
> > ports, checked http://beta.freshports.org/devel/ace+tao/ and found it 
> > to be a master port for http://beta.freshports.org/devel/ace/
> Yes, master/slave state is right as I wrote.

I apologise for not reading your original message correctly.

> But look at port versions:
> Master: ace+tao 5.4.1+1.4.1
> Slave: ace 5.4.0-1
> Port versions are not updated. This is my question was: is it not done yet?

Correct.  I could manually refresh the slave ports now, but they 
would fall out of sync the next time the master port information was 
updated.  The next step will be automatically updating the slave 
ports based upon the master ports.  Hopefully I can do that sometime 
in the next week or so.

> > The master/slave work is just in BETA.  It will move to production at 
> > a later date.
> I see. It's just a report.

Yes.  A work in progress  It also gives me a chance to get the ports 
maintainers involved in checking the results.  Peer review is always 

Thank you
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