HEADS UP - master/slave ports

Sergey Matveychuk sem at ciam.ru
Fri Jun 18 12:42:39 GMT 2004

Dan Langille wrote:
> I suspect you are looking at http://www.FreshPorts.org/ (production). 
> The work described above is at http://beta.FreshPorts.org/.  I just 

No. I've looked at http://beta.FreshPorts.org/.

> look there, searched for ports maintained by you, found 21 such 
> ports, checked http://beta.freshports.org/devel/ace+tao/ and found it 
> to be a master port for http://beta.freshports.org/devel/ace/

Yes, master/slave state is right as I wrote.
But look at port versions:
Master: ace+tao 5.4.1+1.4.1
Slave: ace 5.4.0-1

Port versions are not updated. This is my question was: is it not done yet?

> The master/slave work is just in BETA.  It will move to production at 
> a later date.

I see. It's just a report.


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