Portsdb Update Error

Parv parv at pair.com
Thu Jun 17 04:15:38 GMT 2004

in message <20040616141705.GA68037 at moya.lambermont.dyndns.org>,
wrote Hans Lambermont thusly...
> > Kevin Greenidge wrote:
> >> The thing is I always have the whole "Chinese" ports collection
> >> in my refuse file when I do a cvsup among with a bunch of other
> >> stuff so I don't know why this error decides to show itself
> >> now. Any help would be appreciated.
> Kris wrote:
> > This is not supported; that's why the error message tells you
> > ensure that you have a *complete* ports collection.
> Then what is IGNORE_CATEGORIES in pkgtools.conf still used for ?
> I have:
>        'chinese',
>        'vietnamese',
>   ]
> in there for disk space reasons.
> It hope it is possible to keep this functionality. I don't want to
> cvsup all ports just to be able to do pkgdb -F, portsdb -Uu etc.

In my ports supfile, i have...

  #  On Feb 7 08:56:58 2004 UTC, portupgrade started using "make
  #  index", part of ports collection, instead of
  #  make_describe_pass[12], previously included with the port.  Now,
  #  as of Apr 24 2004 UTC, that severely breaks INDEX building if some
  #  of the ports are missing.
  #  ----
  #    Databases/ruby-bdb1 port is need to be built w/ NOPORTSDOC
  #    option as the port build fails due to missing 'rdoc' although
  #    it had been stated in textproc/ruby-rdoc's cvs commit/removal
  #    message that it has become part of Ruby 1.8.
  #  ----
  #*default date=2004.

...so, if you use/compile portupgrade(1) from the above date, you should
have a reasonable INDEX; errors will be generated as usual but missing
directories/dependencies will not stop making of the index.

Do not forget to make a package; if possible compile it static which i
forgot to do.

I use portupgrade & associated software only for INDEX building &
keeping data in /var/db/pkg sane.  I do not know or care if
downgrading portupgrade to the above stated date would cause problems
w/ other functions.

  - Parv


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