HEADS UP FIREFOX USERS: New firefox must be run as root FIRST!

Stijn Hoop stijn at win.tue.nl
Wed Jun 16 06:19:41 GMT 2004


On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 08:13:55PM -0400, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> If you're going to install the new firefox-0.9 update, there's something
> important you should know.  You MUST run firefox as root before running
> it as any other user.  The best way to do this is to su - to root or log
> in as root (i.e. do not su -m to root).  After becoming root, simply run
> ``firefox''.  You can then quit the browser, then run it as any other
> user.  If you do not run firefox as root first, the browser window will
> not appear.
> This is a known issue with 0.9.  See the Known Issues list at:
> http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/releases/0.9.html
> (it's the first one)

thanks for the headsup (and the porting!) -- I can't believe why they've
regressed in this, after the ultralong discussion about this way back when
mozilla 0.9 was released with this same annoying behaviour :(

Is there a bug nr. somewhere where this is discussed? It's not in the
release notes.


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