sylpheed-gtk2 updated to 0.9.11 today (PROBLEM!)

Randy Pratt rpratt1950 at
Mon Jun 14 23:01:20 GMT 2004

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004 18:00:10 -0400
Adam McLaurin <adam.mclaurin at> wrote:

> On Mon, 14 Jun 2004 16:31:08 +0200
> Jean-Yves Lefort <jylefort at> wrote:
> > On Sun, 13 Jun 2004 18:32:33 -0400
> > Adam McLaurin <adam.mclaurin at> wrote:
> > 
> > > Just a heads up that sylpheed-gtk2 v0.9.11 was released earlier
> > > today
> > > (note that there was no 0.9.10). 
> > 
> > Synopsis: Update port: mail/sylpheed-gtk2 to
> > 
> > State-Changed-From-To: open->closed
> > State-Changed-By: krion
> > State-Changed-When: Mon Jun 14 11:36:20 GMT 2004
> > State-Changed-Why: 
> > Committed, thanks!
> > 
> > Thanks anyway,
> > Jean-Yves Lefort
> > 
> > -- 
> > Jean-Yves Lefort
> > 
> > jylefort at
> >
> > 
> Something is causing the new sylpheed to delete all the messages in
> select folders. It seems to not be able to detect the headers properly
> in some cases (says "No From" and "No Subject", though they ARE in the
> message source).
> For example, I have a "word of the day" folder that had ~370 emails in
> it. As soon as I clicked on it, all but ONE of the mails disappeared!
> They didn't go to the trash, and no error was given, but they're all
> gone (but ONE)! This happened in two different folders so far; now I'm
> scared to open any others!
> Obviously this is VERY bad. I will attempt to downgrade my sylpheed
> ASAP, but I think this is just cause to mark the port BROKEN for now. 
> -- 
> Adam

I had a similar thing happen.  I'll almost bet that you had 
sylpheed running while doing portupgrade.  I'll also go a bit
further and bet that the ONE mail that didn't disappear was the
one that you were last looking at in the mail box where they

I don't think you lost any mail.  Using an xterm, go into your
mail boxes and you'll probably see the mail.  If this is the case,
then they are there.  The mail index just needs to be updated.
You can do this easily by dragging a mail from another mailbox
to the one without entries.  Sylpheed should rebuild the index
and your mail will magically reappear.  If this isn't the case
in your situation, please excuse my noise.

This made me add another check step to my portupgrade procedures.
I check the list of ports to be upgraded and if any of them are
currently running, I shut them down before updating.  Its probably
not necessary in all cases but this is now what I do.

Hope this helps a bit,



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