anybody using net-snmp on AMD64 or other 64bit platforms??

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Mon Jun 14 21:59:52 GMT 2004

> I've got it more or less running, and snmpd is no longer crashing on me "yet".
> But I'm now getting wrong answers for the tcp/udp connections. But for
> established connections as well as open server ports....
> Both netstat and snmpd do this by retreiving data with sysctl from the kernel.
> And where netstat has got its things right, snmpd seems to be really off.
> The most likely reason is that snmpd defines some structures by itself, but
> the question is which part is that???

It is now running to the part where I can do the things with it I'd like to use
it for....
Just figure out a way of putting the changes back in in such a way that it'll
still work on 32bit. And get the maintainer to accept my fixes...

But as far as I could tell, certain features (udp/tcptables) did not work on
i386 either.


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