anybody using net-snmp on AMD64 or other 64bit platforms??

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Sun Jun 13 16:20:27 GMT 2004

Reason I ask, is that it crashes with me at all kinds of places...

I've started looking at the warnings from a regular make.
And in the process of tryin to fix those there are a lot of places where
typeconversions are really messed up.

int, size_t, I32, function addresses and pointers are all intermixed.
And this of course will create all kinds unwanted effects....

Are there any suggestions as to enhance portability this way...

eg. what kind of generic pointer type would one use to make shure
that pointers are the correct size on both architectures....

Or as a side questions:
    Are there other snmp-daemons that run on 64bit platforms??


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