How to registerd uid/gid for ports

TAOKA Fumiyoshi fmysh at
Sat Jun 12 18:30:27 GMT 2004

Hello all

www/moinmoin marked BROKEN as "Uses unregistered uid/gid".
Its maintainer is currently ports at Now I'm
going to fix it but I'm not sure how to register uid/gid
for ports.

Porter's Handbook, 16.12 UIDs said:

   If your port must use the same user/group ID number
   when it is installed as a binary package as when it
   was compiled, then you must choose a free UID from
   50 to 999 and register it below.

Currently the port uses moinmoin(192)/moinmoin(192) and
they are not registerd to Porter's Handbook.
Is it the right way to send PR to add the uid/gid to
Porter's Handbook?

TAOKA Fumiyoshi

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