xemacs port fails to compile (4-stable)

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Thu Jun 10 21:45:13 GMT 2004

Gary Jennejohn wrote:
[ ... ]
> Try removing the ``-march=pentiumpro'' from CFLAGS. I just installed it
> with no problems using ``cc -O -pipe'' on 4.10-STABLE.
> I've also noticed problems on -current when I try to compile xemacs
> while specifying a CPU type or an architecture. I can't prove it, but
> it sure looks like gcc is producing some bogus code under those
> conditions.

Hmm, interesting.  I remember having a problem with "-march=pentiumpro" myself 
when building software on a VIA EPIA-M machine (sig 6, SIGILL).  I thought 
that may have been because the Centaur CPU wasn't exactly a 686-class CPU...?

Anyway, using "-march=pentium" might be worth trying, as well as obviously not 
specifying the CPU architecture at all (as you'd suggested).


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