WRKDIRPREFIX and make search

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at chello.cz
Thu Jun 10 21:04:46 GMT 2004

# jeremie.le-hen at epita.fr / 2004-06-10 17:59:14 +0200:
> when I shared my ports tree using NFS among all my FreeBSD boxes (and   
> thus set WRKDIRPREFIX in make.conf(5) to avoid conflicts while   
> upgrading) I noticed that "make search" didn't work any longer (it
> doesn't find anything).
> I started to debug Mk/bsd.port.subdir.mk and I discovered that the
> working directory seems to be $WRKDIRPREFIX/$PORTSDIR and thus
> $here variable contains $WRKDIRPREFIX/$PORTSDIR ("/usr/obj/usr/ports" 
> in my case).  Since it greps for this path in the INDEX file, nothing
> is found.
> Is it a bug or a feature ?  In the later case, what am I missing ?

    the manual page for make, specifically, the description of
    .OBJDIR. you'll be happier if you set WRKDIRPREFIX to something
    else than /usr/obj.

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