RFC: Re-work pkgdep/DEPORIGIN?

Ulrich Spoerlein q at uni.de
Thu Jun 10 16:24:52 GMT 2004

On Mon, 07.06.2004 at 12:51:20 -0700, Eric Anholt wrote:
> > One very huge example of this problem, however, I suspect will start
> > cropping up a lot in the near future: both x11/XFree86-4-libraries and
> > x11/xorg-libraries provide the X11 libraries, but bsd.port.mk encodes a
> > dependancy on the XF86 version.  This means every time I install an X
> > app I need to run pkgdb -F to fix the dependancies.
> In this specific case, we're going to have a switch in bsd.port.mk to
> select which of the X implementations you are using.  It still isn't
> nearly as nice as the capabilities way of doing things, but we should
> fix the need for pkgdbing soon.

What about packages build for -RELEASE? They will have a hardcoded
dependancy on whatever X gets to be the default.

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