Makefile problem

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Thu Jun 10 12:22:34 GMT 2004

bogdan wrote:

>   Hy, I'm trying to make a port for a proggie that
> uses its own ./install script. How can I declare
> something like: INSTALL_SCRIPT in my Makefile ?
> I've read /usr/ports/Mk/ and found a
> solution only for configuring: (but the script also
> installs it)
> HAS_CONFIGURE=         yes
> CONFIGURE_SCRIPT=      ${WRKSRC}/install
> What are the options here: should I write a separate
> configure script ? Should I separate the configure and
> the install part from ./install ?

Normally the ports Makefile has an `install' target that
calls the script. If it doesn't, patch the Makefile and
submit the patches upstream.

> I would also like to know how can I find out which
> ports use: INSTALL_AS_USER (it there a search for
> Makefile implemented?)

It's a user-settable variable.

>    Please cc the answer to me as I'm not on the
> mailling list.

You should be, if you plan to submit FreeBSD ports.


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