FreeBSD Port: simgear-0.3.5

Kris Kennaway kris at
Wed Jun 9 23:48:05 GMT 2004

Andrej G. Zadorozhnyj wrote:
> Dear Sir! Sorry to trouble you. But I have problem with simgear 0.3.5 port.
> After command
> 'make' I get next message: 'animation.cxx: 767 Internal compiler error'
> But if I build SimGear 0.3.5 from the source I not have any problem!!!
> Can you help me or explain to me my mistake ?
> I have FreeBSD 4.9 system.

Talk to the software developers.  I see this problem too, and it either 
needs a workaround in the source code, or perhaps you can compile it 
with a different version of GCC (not if it uses C++ though)


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