How to LIB_DEPEND on pgsql client ?

Ade Lovett ade at
Tue Jun 8 17:02:05 GMT 2004

On Jun 07, 2004, at 05:55, Roman Neuhauser wrote:
>> if someone wants to take what I currently have and finish it off, 
>> I'll be
>> more than happy to send over the tarball of what I have (too much 
>> other
>> stuff on my plate to give it proper attention right now).
>     I'd be happy to get the opportunity.

Ok.  The initial cut (I haven't ported over the WITH_* options) of 
pgsql-client and pgsql-server (I chose pgsql rather than postgresql so 
as to not blatantly conflict with what we have right now) can be found 
	MD5 (pgsql-new.tar.bz2) = 9d7406a94940a03eea2a7867adf1526c


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