lang/php4 problem with ldconfig and

Brian DeRosa bd-freebsd at
Tue Jun 8 15:30:44 GMT 2004

Hey, all.
I've been having problems for a while with the latest builds of php4.
In particular, I'm runing a FreeBSD 5.1 system and php-4.3.7.

I started seeing a problem with Squirrelmail everytime I'd rebuild php4. 
The problem I'd see is that PHP upload would stop working.

Long story short, it appeared as though the or files
weren't being populates someplace where my ldconfig would normally pick
them  up.

Running: ldconfig -m /usr/local/libexec/apache2/
doesn't solve my issue... but, running it against my build directory under
the ports tree:
ldconfig -m /usr/ports/lang/php4/work/php-4.3.7/libs/
Does solve the issue.

Feels like I'm hacking around an obvious solution as I'm sure I'm just
missing the "obvious" solution.

Also, is the makefile missing something that it doesn't do this sort of
refresh on a portupgrade?  I've only been able to keep it working by
manually re-executing the ldconfig command after I do an upgrade of php4.

Any/all help would be greatly appreciated. <8)

Brian 8)

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