RFC: Re-work pkgdep/DEPORIGIN?

Michael Edenfield kutulu at kutulu.org
Mon Jun 7 19:34:33 GMT 2004

* Ulrich Spoerlein <q at uni.de> [040607 13:09]:
> On Mon, 07.06.2004 at 11:27:52 -0400, Jim Trigg wrote:
> > > The real fix is IMHO not to blindly record the dependancy provided in
> > > the Makefile. That is:
> > 
> > > LIB_DEPENDS+=   pq.3:${PORTSDIR}/databases/postgresql7-client
> > 
> > > will record databases/postgresql7 as dependancy, no matter what package
> > > actually provided the libpq.so.3 in the first place. Postgres is not the
> > > only place where this is wrong, lang/php4 has the same problems. Most
> > > Ports require www/mod_php which I dont have installed. Instead I'm using
> > > lang/php4 with WITH_APACHE.
> > 
> > The real fix IMHO is to use a strategy similar to what Debian Linux
> > uses: instead of depending on specific ports, depend on capabilities. 
> > So for example, www/horde2 would depend on webphp, and lang/php4 and
> > www/mod_php4 would each provide webphp.  (I don't know the postgres port
> > family as well, so I can't readily give an example using it.)
> I don't know the specific debian facilities, but isn't this overkill?
> There are mostly two or three ports that come into consideration when satisfying
> a dependancy (postgresql and postgresql-client, or lang/php4 and
> www/mod_php4, or linux_base-{6,7,8}). Most of the times these are even
> slave ports (I think), so providing elaborate capabilities management is

One very huge example of this problem, however, I suspect will start
cropping up a lot in the near future: both x11/XFree86-4-libraries and
x11/xorg-libraries provide the X11 libraries, but bsd.port.mk encodes a
dependancy on the XF86 version.  This means every time I install an X
app I need to run pkgdb -F to fix the dependancies.


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