Non-Maintainer update: editors/nedit - Add BUILD_BROKEN_NEDIT to build with Open Motif 2.2.2 (default)

Conrad Sabatier conrads at
Mon Jun 7 17:59:55 GMT 2004

On 06-Jun-2004 Andrew J.Caines wrote:
>       Port build fails with default Motif (open-motif-2.2.2_2) because NEdit
> authors don't want to build against Open Motif 2.2.2:
> Note that I've modified patch-ac which already changes the nedit FreeBSD
> Makefile.
> There has been some discussion about the validity of the NEdit authors'
> position on stability, however I suggest this patch independently of this
> argument for the simple reason that the port fails to install by default. See
> the freebsd-ports archive for details.

I just e-mailed the port maintainer the other day with exactly the same
suggestion, but was met with some resistance.  He stated that the port *does*
build, if you use CFLAGS+= instead of CFLAGS= in /etc/make.conf.  This is true
enough, yet the standard make.conf under /usr/share/examples/etc uses CFLAGS=,
not CFLAGS+=, so I really think people are more likely to have CFLAGS= in their
own /etc/make.conf, which, of course, breaks the build of nedit.

I suggested that, just to be on the safe side, he go ahead and add
-DBUILD_BROKEN_NEDIT in the suggested location, i.e., by patching
${WORKDIR}/makefiles/Makefile.freebsd, *not* in the port's Makefile, which is
insufficient in most cases.

This really should be done, I think.

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