X.org vs. XFree86 ports

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Mon Jun 7 17:38:13 GMT 2004

vladimir at math.uic.edu wrote:
> does anyone know the situation with these ports?  I am trying
> to understand which one of two X branches (or both?) is going
> to be supported in FreeBSD.

FreeBSD has been using XFree86 up through 4.10 and 5.2; I believe the project 
will switch to using the X.org version by default for 5.3 and future releases. 
  XFree86 will be supported via ports.

Someone closer to the matter than I just posted a suggested change to the 
freebsd-docs mailing list with more details, so answers to your question are 
being actively considered now.  :-)

-Chuck "I didn't rant about X11 at all, this post" Swiger

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