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Sat Jun 5 07:42:29 GMT 2004

unsent message !

"Rob Craig" <rcraig at> wrote:
> As you might already know there a some annoying problems with the SETI at home

no, I don't.

> port for FreeBSD. Loads of time it just freezes and does not continue to
> download the next data unit and other times "top" reports the CPU at 96% but
> seti at home is not doing anything. Not crunching data? Very strange. I have it
> installed on 9 machines.

the FreeBSD port of seti at home is packaged using pre-build binaries. we don't
access to the source code, so, it would be difficult to track down such

which version of setiathome are you running (pkg_info setiathome\* | head -1) ?
what is the version of your FreeBSD boxes (uname -a) ?

> It would be great if you had time to revise these errors as I have to revert
> back to the Windows versions for stability.

are you behind a firewall ? do you use a proxy server ?
do you have any trace of what's happen (or don't) ?
do you read the FAQ ( ?
do you search the BB ( ?
does your problem seems to this one ?
do you report this bug to mailto:bugs at ?

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