NO_CDROM and NO_PACKAGE set together?

Alex Dupre ale at
Fri Jun 4 15:56:34 GMT 2004

Yar Tikhiy wrote:

What about:

  	6.2.1 NO_PACKAGE
  	This variable indicates that we may not generate a binary
  	package of the application (for instance because the license
	does not allow binary redistribution, or distribution of
	packages created from patched sources).  However, the port's
	DISTFILES may be freely distributed (on FTP/HTTP, and also on
	CD-ROM unless NO_CDROM is set as well).


  	6.2.2 NO_CDROM
  	This variable alone indicates that, although we are allowed to
  	generate binary packages, we are not allowed to put those
  	packages, or the port's DISTFILES, onto a CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM)
  	for resale.  However, the binary packages (if NO_PACKAGE is not
	set) and the port's DISTFILES will still be available via


	Set this variable alone if the application's license forbids us
	from mirroring the application's DISTFILES and distributing the
	binary package via FTP/HTTP or CD-ROM.


It's a bit redundant IMHO, but surely not ambiguous.

> Besides other things, the word "freely" is no longer used since
> media distribution usually involves at least covering production
> and shipping expences.

"Free" doesn't imply "gratis".

> P.S. I'd like to commit that by myself so that I'll have my idle
> doc commit bit timer reset :-)

Feel free (I accept credit cards payments ;-)) to commit this change.

Alex Dupre

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