my FreeBSD-ports mail lis subscription

Michael C. Shultz ringworm at
Thu Jun 3 00:29:09 GMT 2004

I have tried everything to be reinstated to the FreeBSD-ports mail
list. All I end up with is email saying I am all ready subscribed
and someone is trying to add me again.

I was originally removed do to bounced messages according to  the
original notice. What I don't understand is why all the other
FreeBSD mail lists I subscribe to  never give any trouble.

This is my second e-mail on this subject, please do not reply with
lame suggestions as I am done being insulted, fix it if you are
able, or ignore this message if you wish, this message is really
more of as fair well message than a request for assistance anyways.

If who ever receives this letter is unwilling to manually add me to
the list so be it, lately I am getting pretty fed up with with you
FreeBSD folks anyways. I've been using this operating system since
the early 90's and until recently you FreeBSD people have been
wonderful. What changed? Its really disappointing to see a good
thing come to an end but I am ready to give Linux a test run. Just
breaks my heart to toss years of FreeBSD experience into the waste
bucket but I am seeing no other options.


PS. Sorry to be so negative, but I have tried everything I can think
of to help you folks out, you turn down every offer, or mock them,
or offer lame and insulting suggestions. When I point out a real
problem to you it is either ignored or mocked, and finally when I
offer a port that may actually help FreeBSD be easier for new people
to use it just sits there, week after week never even being looked
at.  Maybe there is just a bad batch of folks at FreeBSD right now
who will be gone in a few years, I sure hope so, this operating
system is too good to be supported the way it has been lately.

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