Perl voodoo in ports/UPDATING

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Wed Jun 2 03:34:18 PDT 2004

+-le 01/06/2004 21:07 -0400, Christopher Nehren a dit :
| In regard to the new Perl version, ports/UPDATING has of course been
| changed with some instructions on how to proceed. It includes some real
| voodoo which really shows the beauty of Unix. But wouldn't 'portupgrade
| -rf perl\*5.8.4' be much simpler? And if the user has a threaded Perl
| installed, the command listed in UPDATING won't work.

Because for instance, if you have a 4.x, the perl dependency is not
registered when USE_PERL5 is set. there are many other odd cases.

Mathieu Arnold
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