Please, update ports/mail/postfix

Matthias Andree ma at
Sat Jul 31 03:55:49 PDT 2004

Леонид Невечеря <leonid.nevecherya at> writes:

> Please add to ports/mail/postfix port support of postfix VDA patch. This is
> good patch, which add  Mailbox / Maildir size limit, known also as "soft
> quota", to avoid user take all you disk space.
> I am speak English very bad, but  I hope you have understood me 


Wietse, the Postfix maintainer, isn't very fond of such "soft quota"
games. Besides, there is already a "maildrop" port, and maildrop can use
soft quota. What advantage does VDA have over using the maildrop port?


Matthias Andree

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