FreeBSD Port: mod_dosevasive20-1.9

Xavier Beaudouin kiwi at
Fri Jul 30 14:33:48 PDT 2004

Le 30 juil. 04, à 23:08, Muhannad A. a écrit :

> Hello.  I recently saw your port submission of mod_dosevasive on 
> freshports, and I currently run Apache 1.3.x, not 2.x, I checked the 
> main site for the port ( 
> ) and noticed this 
> is compatible with Apache 1.3.x as well, could you please make the 
> port compatible with Apache 1.3.x for all the 1.3.x users out there 
> that would like to install this mod via the ports.

I can make the port but I don't use apache 1.3 so I will not be able to 
test it and check if there is bugs reports about apache 1.3 and this 

Also, after creating this port I will drop maintainer ship of this 
ports as well...

So if you get the maintainership of it this can be good... also :)


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