configuring ports via Makefile.local

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Tue Jul 27 03:06:18 PDT 2004

Ion-Mihai Tetcu wrote:

> Yes, I know it can be done. However, since we do support Makefile.local
> I think Radim has a point here.

Hmmm, I would not exactly say that we support configuration via 
Makefile.local. Including Makefile.local is an undocumented feature for 
an unspecified purpose, so I can go away everytime and must not be 
relied upon. If it works for you, fine, but if it doesn't there is no 
support. To make it `supported' it has the be documented somewhere, 
which is something I won't like to see.

The only reference I could find is Revision 1.285, Thu Aug 27 00:18:50 1998 UTC (5 years, 11 
months ago) by asami

(2) Include ${.CURDIR}/Makefile.local if it exists.  This is a local
     configuration file (ala rc.conf.local and make.conf.local) so
     please do not commit a file with this name to the repository.
Suggested by:   dillon

while this seems to support your assumption that configuring ports is 
the intended purpose, I would neither call this `documentation' nor can 
I find any reference how ports should support this file. In fact just 
.including <> is a suggested procedure in the FreeBSD Porters 
Handbook, regardless of the presence of configurable options.


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