Exim 4.41 - can you test this port?

Joe Lewis joe at joe-lewis.com
Mon Jul 26 15:07:05 PDT 2004

Hello, Mark; All;

I don't know if I'm writing to the proper place, but I just 
"recreated/updated" a port, and thought I'd send it to people to check 
if they can.

Exim 4.41 was released on the July 22nd ('04 for archives' sake), and I 
wanted to upgrade to it from the 4.24 we've currently got installed.  A 
little bit of hacking, and, well, it looks like it works (as in compiles 
fine and installs, sends messages, etc).  However, I only tried it using 
the mail/exim port and also using the mail/exim-mysql port in both 
FreeBSD 4.8 and also FreeBSD 5.2.

If any of you would like to verify the port, go right ahead.  Mark, 
sorry for jumping into your turf.  Hopefully, you'll forgive me :) .

Thanks guys,
Joe Lewis

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