2 PHP Questions

Gerard Samuel fbsd-ports at trini0.org
Mon Jul 26 05:41:24 PDT 2004

On Monday 26 July 2004 05:23 am, Alex Dupre wrote:
> Gerard Samuel wrote:
> > 1.  Am I supposed to manually enable support in apache's config file, or
> > is this an oversight/or soon to come in an update?
> You have to enable it manually. Only apache modules can be automatically
> enabled.

So I figured...

> > I noticed that the php config file /usr/local/etc/php.ini only contains
> > the extensions (that I installed via the port php-extensions).
> > 2.  Is this going to be the new format of the php.ini file for FreeBSD's
> > php port,  (instead of including all the php.ini options)?
> That's not a new format: the PHP ports have never installed a default
> php.ini, they rely on the php binary settings by default. If you like,
> you have to copy/customize a sample php.ini.

Come to think of it.  You are right.  Its been so long ago, that I forgot.

Anyway, thanks for your clarifications..

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