ports/69592: www/gallery broken by new PHP structure

Jakob Breivik Grimstveit jakob at ikkjereklame.grimstveit.no.invalid
Mon Jul 26 03:20:33 PDT 2004

David Wolfskill wrote:

> After some time, the process should finish; if you point a Web browser at
> http://localhost/gallery, you should see something similar to the above
> "Fatal error".
> It looks as if installing the "right" PHP extensions ought to fix this.
> Apparently gallery depends on devel/php4-pcre and  lang/php4-extensions;
> it may depend on other ports, as well.

This was experienced by me as well, but in addition to this (afaik problem
with php4-port itself, since that's where the extensions-dir statement is
located. I sent a mail to Dupre asking about this - he told me I could
comment out the extension_dir from php.ini completely (i.e. not even have
«extension_dir = "./"».

I guess Alex will update port shortly to reflect this.

After doing this change myself I got gallery up and running again with no
errors @ www.grimstveit.no/gallery (shameless plug).

In other words: My gallery port broke when the extensions were separated
into their own ports, so it isn't a gallery-related bug as such.

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