HEADSUP: X.Org conversion

Marcus Frings iam-est-hora-surgere at despammed.com
Sun Jul 25 07:40:48 PDT 2004

* Eric Anholt <eta at lclark.edu> wrote:

> OK, the final version of the X.Org conversion patch has hit the tree. 

> To upgrade, you must remove your XFree86 ports and install the xorg
> ports.  It couldn't be done with portupgrade, unfortunately, because we
> are keeping the XFree86 ports around.  To upgrade:

> pkg_delete -f /var/db/pkg/imake-4* /var/db/pkg/XFree86-*
> cd /usr/ports/x11/xorg && make install
> pkgdb -F

I also successfully migrated from XFree86 to X.Org by following your
instructions. Everything went fine so I would like to thank you for your

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