IMP breakage?

Nagilum freebsd at
Sun Jul 25 07:03:08 PDT 2004

Matthew Seaman wrote:

>>From my own experience I can only advice against setting WANT_PHP_PEAR 
>>in /etc/make.conf!
>>..and other php related threads right now.
>>In fact I removed all my old php specific stuff from /etc/make.conf.
>Ah -- good call.  Does it work to use WANT_PHP_PEAR on the make
>command line instead?  I'm beginning to think the WANT_PHP_FOO
>variables maybe should be divided up a bit further into more clearly
>demarkated porter-only USE_PHP_FOO and user-only WITH_PHP_FOO or
>WANT_PHP_FOO versions.
You don't need to use WANT_PHP_PEAR at all I think. At least I didn't 
need it.

>>at I did was pkg_delete pear\* and then reinstall php4, php4-pear, 
>>php-extensions (do a "make config" there) pear-PEAR and all required 
>>pear modules (try http://yourside/horde/test.php and 
>>http://yourside/horde/imp/test.php !)
>>Unfortunately this means imp will be offline for a few hours it takes to 
>>build all this stuff.
>>After that everything should be swell again, I'm still running 
>>horde-2.2.5 + imp, because the php update was enough for one weekend 
>>.-). Maybe I'll update horde/imp when both have been updated but so far 
>>I see no need as everthing works fine (even pkgdb -F has nothing to 
>Ho hum.  I'm not running Imp, but I hit the same sort of problems with
>some code of my own.  Installing lang/php4-pear was required, and I
>have a feeling I had to tweak some settings in php.ini to get the pear
>stuff to work -- independent of the tweaks required to make the php
>extensions load up properly.  But YMMV.
Yeah, but it is mentioned when devel/php4-pear installs:

   include_path = ".:/usr/local/share/pear"

When I installed the php-extensions I also had to adjust this:
  extension_dir = "/usr/local/lib/php/20020429/"

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