IMP breakage?

Nagilum freebsd at
Sun Jul 25 03:47:42 PDT 2004

Marc G. Fournier wrote:

> On Sun, 25 Jul 2004, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>> On Sat, Jul 24, 2004 at 09:38:19PM +0100, Bruno Afonso wrote:
>>> I have uninstalled php4 and re-installed the new php4 + extensions 
>>> and installed
>>> the latest horde + imp. I can't see attachments now when I open the 
>>> messages. Is
>>> this a known problem? My php.ini only includes the loaded extensions 
>>> and some
>>> memory tweaks. Is there any missing php.ini config that I have 
>>> missed? I notice
>>> each php4-extension now has a message, like PEAR so I'm afraid I may 
>>> have missed
>>> some important one. :)
>> The imp / horde / turba group of ports hasn't yet been updated to
>> account for the new PHP port structure.  I think the maintainer is on
>> holiday at the moment.
>> However, most problems with PHP ports will be due to things being
>> missing, rather than things being broken, so you can usually
>> work-around the trouble by just installing the extra bits
>> yourself. There's two areas you need to check on to make sure you get
>> full functionality:
>>    i) PHP Extensions -- knowing which extensions should be installed
>>       depends on a detailed knowledge of the PHP code you're trying
>>       to run.  So, for example according to the old php-horde port
>>       you need these extensions to run any of the imp / horde stuff:
>>        DOMXML
>>        FTP
>>        GETTEXT
>>        LDAP
>>        MCAL
>>        MCRYPT
>>        MYSQL   (or some other RDBMS)
>>        SESSION
>>      (See: 
>>   ii) PEAR modules -- in order to use PEAR at all, you need to
>>       install the devel/php4-pear port, as well as whichever pear-*
>>       ports are required.  Ports that require PEAR modules should be
>>       modified to set the WANT_PHP_PEAR option, but that hasn't been
>>       appied to many of them yet.  Setting it in /etc/make.conf for
>>       the time being is a good workaround.
 From my own experience I can only advice against setting WANT_PHP_PEAR 
in /etc/make.conf!
..and other php related threads right now.
In fact I removed all my old php specific stuff from /etc/make.conf.

> 'k, since I'm kinda hitting the exact same thing here, if I want to 
> 'mimic' what I had installed before this whole re-org, I just need to 
> uninstall:
> php4-4.3.7_1
> And then install:
> lang/php4-extensions
> devel/php4-pear
> And I'll be back in business?
What I did was pkg_delete pear\* and then reinstall php4, php4-pear, 
php-extensions (do a "make config" there) pear-PEAR and all required 
pear modules (try http://yourside/horde/test.php and 
http://yourside/horde/imp/test.php !)
Unfortunately this means imp will be offline for a few hours it takes to 
build all this stuff.
After that everything should be swell again, I'm still running 
horde-2.2.5 + imp, because the php update was enough for one weekend 
.-). Maybe I'll update horde/imp when both have been updated but so far 
I see no need as everthing works fine (even pkgdb -F has nothing to 
I hope this helps,

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