Problems building OpenOffice 1.1

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at
Sat Jul 24 16:48:11 PDT 2004

I've been trying for some time to build OpenOffice 1.1.  I've done a
number of attempts, including re-cvsupping, but in every case it fails
while trying to build udkapi:

Building project udkapi

Making: ../../../../../
dmake subdmake=true  -f product="full" depend=t ALLDPC
Making : Dependencies
rm -f ../../../../../
regmerge ../../../../../ UCR @/tmp/mkE2rlBH
open registry "../../../../../" failed
dmake:  Error code 255, while making '../../../../../'
dmake:  '../../../../../' removed.
---* TG_SLO.MK *---

ERROR: Error 65280 occurred while making /src/FreeBSD/ports/editors/openoffice-1.1/work/oo_1.1.1_src/udkapi/com/sun/star/corba/giop
dmake:  Error code 1, while making 'build_all'
---* TG_SLO.MK *---
*** Error code 255

Stop in /src/FreeBSD/ports/editors/openoffice-1.1.
    23944.80 real      2451.41 user       652.54 sys

And yes, including the build time is deliberate.  This is on an Athlon
XP 3200+.

Has anybody else seen this?  Any ideas?

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