IMP breakage?

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Sat Jul 24 16:13:30 PDT 2004

On Sat, Jul 24, 2004 at 09:38:19PM +0100, Bruno Afonso wrote:

> I have uninstalled php4 and re-installed the new php4 + extensions and installed
> the latest horde + imp. I can't see attachments now when I open the messages. Is
> this a known problem? My php.ini only includes the loaded extensions and some
> memory tweaks. Is there any missing php.ini config that I have missed? I notice
> each php4-extension now has a message, like PEAR so I'm afraid I may have missed
> some important one. :)

The imp / horde / turba group of ports hasn't yet been updated to
account for the new PHP port structure.  I think the maintainer is on
holiday at the moment.

However, most problems with PHP ports will be due to things being
missing, rather than things being broken, so you can usually
work-around the trouble by just installing the extra bits
yourself. There's two areas you need to check on to make sure you get
full functionality:

    i) PHP Extensions -- knowing which extensions should be installed
       depends on a detailed knowledge of the PHP code you're trying
       to run.  So, for example according to the old php-horde port
       you need these extensions to run any of the imp / horde stuff:

        MYSQL   (or some other RDBMS)


   ii) PEAR modules -- in order to use PEAR at all, you need to
       install the devel/php4-pear port, as well as whichever pear-*
       ports are required.  Ports that require PEAR modules should be
       modified to set the WANT_PHP_PEAR option, but that hasn't been
       appied to many of them yet.  Setting it in /etc/make.conf for
       the time being is a good workaround.



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