HEADS UP: change in ports rc.d script behaviour

John Merryweather Cooper johnmary at adelphia.net
Sat Jul 24 14:11:02 PDT 2004

On Saturday, 24 July 2004 at 21:26:20 +0400, Alex Kapranoff wrote:
>Mike Makonnen wrote:
>>        The rc.d/loclpkg script now "does the right thing" with respect
>>        to ports rc.d scripts. The most disruptive change is that scripts
>>        ending in *.sh are sourced in the same shell as rc.d/localpkg (as
>>        opposed to a subshell) and may cause the script to end prematurely
>>        if a script calls exit. Some broken scripts may not recognize the
>>        'fast' prefix to a command. The first problem can be fixed by simply
>>        renaming the script so that it doesn't have a '.sh' ending. Another
>>        temporary work-arround is to completely remove the 'PROVIDE' line
>>        from the script. If you notice a broken ports rc.d script please
>>        notify the maintainer. Legacy scripts should not be affected.
>>        __FreeBSD_version bumped to 502124.
>>This update to the rc.d/localpkg attempts to normalize the behaviour
>>or ports rc.d scripts with that of the base system scripts. This may
>>break your ports scripts. Please report any breakage to the port's
>>maintainer so the script can be fixed.
>What's the point of this change? What benefits do we get?
>Sorry for ignorance. I can only see that from now on, if any of the 
>startup scripts terminates abnormally, we'll get
>a half-started system which in some cases could be extremely hard to repair.

Well, while I respect the desire for cleanliness, architectural purity, etc., the reality is that rc.d/localpkg is already broken in -CURRENT for those of us who startup CUPS and similar ports.  EVERY reboot is a manual reboot for me under the current system (i.e., I have to ^C out of the final startup--because it stalls--and then run

# /etc/rc.d/localpkg restart

from root to get everything running again.  So any change in a direction that makes things work on -CURRENT would be greatly appreciated.

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