FreeBSD Port: libgail-gnome-1.0.4

bas at bas at
Sat Jul 24 11:56:48 PDT 2004

Hello port maintainer(s),
I don't know if I'm mailing to the right person now, but I wanted to report something that I think could be a bug. I tried installing the /x11/gnome2 port, which broke with compiler errors on /x11-toolkits/libgail-gnome. The only way I could proceed was by installing libgail from a package using package_add. This happened on a plain vanilla install of 5.2.1-RELEASE with no configuration changes other than my CPUTYPE=athlon-xp in /etc/make.conf. I'm compiling from a ports collection that I cvsupped just hours ago.
I hope this email is of any use to you. I would like to thank you for your efforts in maintaining the gnome ports all for free. I'm a very happy gnome-user on FreeBSD thanks to you.

Kind regards,

Bas v.d. Wiel

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