FreeBSD Port: mod_php4-4.3.8,1

Darin derwood at
Tue Jul 20 19:55:37 PDT 2004

David Kiner wrote:

>I have installed php 4.3.6 and i want to update to php 4.3.8
>I used the extensions mysql, calendar and gd.
>Unfortenately, when we install the new php 4.3.8 from the port mod_php4, we
>don't have any more the extensions ' configuration selection.
>how can i active my specific extensions ?
>David KINER
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4.3.8 changes the structure of the PHP ports.  Now, you have the main 
PHP port, and all of the extensions are "slave ports" that have to be 
compiled and installed separately.  So, theres a separate port for 
*each* extension.  If you go to FreshPorts and look at the lang/php4 
port, you'll see a list of all the new slave ports and where they fall 
in the ports hierarchy.. Also a word of caution, you'll want to comment 
out the path to extensions in your php.ini. 

Hope this helps

Darin -

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