xemacs port on 5.2-CURRENT

Andrew Heybey ath at niksun.com
Tue Jul 20 09:18:51 PDT 2004

> If there's a better place to send this, I'd be happy to do that. I've
> spent hours searching on Google and mailing lists for any related
> information, but have been unable to find any.
> For the last several months (probably about 6-8) I've had problems
> with xemacs on 5.2-CURRENT that don't occur on my 4-STABLE boxes that
> are similarly configured. Every time xemacs starts up, it appears to
> be fine, but as soon as you try to do anything (like C-x C-f for
> example), it opens up a warning buffer and spews warnings like this at
> an alarming rate:
> (254) (memory/critical) Warning: past acceptable memory limits
> Killing some buffers may delay running out of memory.
> However, certainly by the time you receive the 95% warning,
> you should clean up, kill this Emacs, and start a new one.
> It continues to do that, even though everything continues to appear to
> operate normally. After a while (10 minutes to a few hours usually) it
> crashes completely, leaving a backtrace that doesn't have anything
> obviously helpful (to me).
> I've checked my memory usage with top, etc., and everything appears to
> be just fine, with ~80MB free or more, and swap space untouched.
> Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Do you know of any
> further steps I could take to try and resolve the issue?> 

It is not just in -CURRENT.  I just had the same problem after doing a
portupgrade of xemacs on my 4.9-RELEASE system.

Put the attached patch file in the editors/xemacs/files directory. 
The bug is that src/mem-limits.h is patched by the port to declare
the variable "lim_data" as type rlim_t (which is a 64-bit number) but
emacs.c still defines it as an int.  I am going to submit a PR.

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--- src/emacs.c.orig	Wed Jan 15 07:18:00 2003
+++ src/emacs.c	Tue Jul 20 12:02:41 2004
@@ -344,7 +344,7 @@
 /* Number of bytes of writable memory we can expect to be able to get */
-unsigned int lim_data;
+rlim_t lim_data;

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