[HEADS UP] PHP mega-commit

Alex Dupre ale at FreeBSD.org
Tue Jul 20 03:26:53 PDT 2004

Matthew Seaman wrote:

> Woops.  Here's another problem.  Squirrelmail seems to have lost the
> ability to connect to an IMAPS server over TLS:
>     Warning: fsockopen(): no SSL support in this build in /usr/local/www/squirrelmail/functions/imap_general.php on line 445
>     Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to imap.infracaninophile.co.uk:993 in /usr/local/www/squirrelmail/functions/imap_general.php on line 445
> I've got php4-sockets, php4-openssl and php4-imap installed, and
> mail/cclient was installed WITH_SSL_AND_PLAINTEXT=yes

This is not a problem with the imap extension. That's correctly 
configured with SSL support, but imap_general.php doesn't use it, use 
the standard fsockopen() function. In PHP4, SSL support for fsockopen is 
enabled only if openssl extension is compiled in statically; with PHP5 
you have not this problem. Unfortunately there isn't a obvious solution 
for this drawback.

Alex Dupre

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