[HEADS UP] PHP mega-commit

Alex Dupre ale at FreeBSD.org
Tue Jul 20 02:40:47 PDT 2004

Matthew Seaman wrote:

> Shouldn't the devel/pear-PEAR port set WANT_PHP_PEAR in
> Makefile.common so that all PEAR ports register that dependency
> automatically?

Ideally yes, but currently Makefile.common is included after 
bsd.port.pre.mk, so we cannot define WANT_PHP_PEAR there. We can define 
WANT_PHP_PEAR in every PEAR port or study a better solution (this is why 
I've CC'ed thierry)...probably we can simplify Makefile.common a bit 
(since now we have php.conf, and pecl has been separated from pear) and 
include it before bsd.port.mk.

Alex Dupre

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