treeline dumping core on 4.10 with python-2.3.4

epilogue epilogue at
Sat Jul 17 23:00:52 PDT 2004

hello tobias, freebsd-ports,

since installing treeline, i haven't yet been able to get it to run.

# treeline
Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Delete: tstate is still current
Abort (core dumped)

this is the only reference i could find mentioning the same error message:

basically, the gist of the link is that:

"...On FreeBSD you need to have threads enabled in...Python.  The
default Python port will have threads enabled..."

--- /var/db/ports/python/options ---
# This file is auto-generated by 'make config'.
# No user-servicable parts inside!
# Options for python-2.3.4
WITH_THREADS=true   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

--- in case this helps ---
# pkg_info | grep -i pyth
py23-gtk-2.2.0_2    A set of Python bindings for GTK
py23-numeric-23.1   The Numeric Extension to Python
py23-osd-0.2.9      A python wrapper for osd, for displaying text on X
py23-qt-3.11_1      Python bindings for the Qt toolkit
py23-sip-4.0.r4     Python to C and C++ bindings generator
py23-tkinter-2.3.4_1 Python bindings to the Tk widget set
py23-twisted-1.2.0  An event-based Python framework for internet apps
py23-xml-0.8.3      The Python XML package, including parser,
python-2.3.4      An interpreted object-oriented programming language

# uname -mr
4.10-RELEASE-p2 i386

do you think that this is indeed a python threads related problem?  any
advice would be much appreciated.

thank you,

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