'Unable to read from thread kernel pipe' error in Apache

Sven Willenberger sven at dmv.com
Thu Jul 15 14:36:30 PDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 16:34 -0400, Will McCutcheon wrote:
> Sven Willenberger wrote:
> > Did you compile apache with worker threads? Although I did have success
> > using MPM=worker with libkse, I found that IMP mail crashed apache
> > almost immediately. Turns out that a lot of PHP modules, etc are not
> > thread safe,
> Er, I'm not sure.  I just did "portinstall www/apache2".  Is there a 
> particular make option I should try specifying?  Thanks for your reply!
> W
> _______________________________________________

based on the output of httpd -V you posted it is not a threaded apache
so you can disregard my message; yours is the default prefork method. As
someone else suggested, running "ldd /usr/local/sbin/httpd" may help.


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