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> > I was wondering if this is the right spot to ask if there is any
> > thought in discussing a ports and packages management interface?

hello david,

if you mean a unified graphical interface for viewing dependency trees,
adding/removing ports, specifying installs 'from packages' or 'from ports',
selecting specific build switches, just making and not installing, yada,
yada, yada, i know of no existing tool which meets all these criteria.

if you're proposing the development of such a tool, i think that this
would be a worthy project.  though it wouldn't necessarily add
functionality to the many tools that are already available, it would
probably provide a somewhat more newbie-friendly means to ports
management (especially multiple ports with multiple cross-dependencies).

if i understand you correctly, you may want to investigate
/usr/ports/sysutils/portsman, which comes close.  perhaps the scope of
portsman could be expanded.

because i have coding skills tantamount to zero, this is merely 2 cents. 
if you can program, you might consider contacting the portsman author and
suggesting some new code?  if you cannot, i suspect that rallying coders to
this cause may pose a challenge (with the possible exception of the
portsman author) for the 'functionality' reason indicated above.

then again, perhaps i have no clue what you're talking about.   ;)

all cented out,

>     there are several interfaces: make, pkg_* commands, and
>     sysutils/portupgrade.  Or did you mean something else? What was it?
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