xemacs port on 5.2-CURRENT

Mac Newbold mac at dmedia.ws
Wed Jul 14 12:48:37 PDT 2004

If there's a better place to send this, I'd be happy to do that. I've
spent hours searching on Google and mailing lists for any related
information, but have been unable to find any.

For the last several months (probably about 6-8) I've had problems with
xemacs on 5.2-CURRENT that don't occur on my 4-STABLE boxes that are
similarly configured. Every time xemacs starts up, it appears to be fine,
but as soon as you try to do anything (like C-x C-f for example), it opens
up a warning buffer and spews warnings like this at an alarming rate:

(254) (memory/critical) Warning: past acceptable memory limits
Killing some buffers may delay running out of memory.
However, certainly by the time you receive the 95% warning,
you should clean up, kill this Emacs, and start a new one.

It continues to do that, even though everything continues to appear to
operate normally. After a while (10 minutes to a few hours usually) it
crashes completely, leaving a backtrace that doesn't have anything
obviously helpful (to me).

I've checked my memory usage with top, etc., and everything appears to be
just fine, with ~80MB free or more, and swap space untouched.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Do you know of any further
steps I could take to try and resolve the issue?


Mac Newbold		Digital Media Consulting, LLC
mac at dmedia.ws		http://www.dmedia.ws/

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