Wine 20040615, Update ?

Fernan Aguero fernan at
Wed Jul 14 07:18:14 PDT 2004

+----[ Drew Broadley <drew at> (13.Jul.2004 19:57):
| Hi,
| Just wondering if anyone has a patch or package that works with 
| wine20040615.
| The thing is, this version has a fix of the Photoshop 7.0 "Success and 
| OK button" bug.
| Cheers,
| Drew


what version of FreeBSD are you running? According to the
latest 'Wine Weekly News' issue, there are problems with
wine running on recent versions of FreeBSD (-CURRENT and

(I'm taking the opportunity to also address the wine

I was just about to install wine for the first time (never
used it before) and started to investigate the program,
extra tools, etc. when I came across this.

I'm intrigued why this didn't come up in the list.
There are a few PRs related to wine
and to the problems mentioned in the latest WWN issue.

Seems like wine should be marked as BROKEN in FreeBSD > 4.9.

On PR ports/65812, the maintainer says that 'there is little
we can do about it'. 

Is there any way we can run wine on FreeBSD 4.x? Perhaps an
older version of wine? Perhaps a linux binary? I'm just not
knowleadgeable about the issues involved here ... and have
not used wine before.

Ideas anyone? Gerald?


PS: should we move this discussion to emulation@?

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