dspam 3 and postgresql

Tim Middleton x at Vex.Net
Tue Jul 13 12:23:50 PDT 2004

I've been trying to build this thing from ports WITH_POSTGRESQL74 but no 
matter what I do it always seems to depend on mysql client  and install the 

I with the above switch I do see the correct message:

===>   dspam-3.0.0 depends on shared library: ecpg.4 - found

But i also always see the following (incorrect?) message:

===>   dspam-3.0.0 depends on shared library: mysqlclient.12 - found

The pkg-message shows me the MYSQL messages rather than the PGSQL; 
and /usr/local/share/examples/dspam/mysql is always installed, but not the 
dspam/pgsql files. 

The pkg-install message talks about simply WITH_POSTGRESQL, but the Makefile 

The Makefile looks okay to me (though my port skills are not great); so i'm 
not sure why it's not working for me. 

I did however manually copied the files from tools.pgsql and set up the 
postgresql database, and it seems to be working. So apparently the configure 
flag to make dspam use postgresql was passed. The dspam_token_data table is 
being updated (need to vacuum analize this *often* especially at first)...

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